Laughter (1980)


Disc 1

  1. Sueperman’s Big Sister (Dury/Johnson)
  2. Pardon (Dury/Watt-Roy)
  3. Delusions of Grandeur (Dury/Gallagher)
  4. Yes and No (Paula) (Dury/Payne)
  5. Dance of the Crackpots (Dury/Turnbull)
  6. Over the Points (Dury/Turnbull)
  7. (Take Your Elbow Out of the Soup) You’re Sitting On The Chicken (Dury/Gallagher)
  8. Uncoolohol (Charles/Dury)
  9. Hey, Hey, Take Me Away (Dury/Gallagher)
  10. Manic Depression (Jimi) (Dury/Gallagher)
  11. Oh, Mr. Peanut (Dury/Johnson)
  12. F***ing Ada (Dury/Turnbull)

Disc 1 (Bonus Tracks)

  1. i Want To Be Straight (Dury/Gallagher)
  2. That’s Not All (Dury/Payne)
  3. You’ll See Glimpses (Dury/Watt-Roy/Turnbull)

Disc 2 (Bonus Tracks)

  1. Duff ‘Em Up And Do ‘Em Over (Boogie Woogie) (Album Outtake) (Dury/Gallagher)
  2. You Are Here (Album Outtake) (Dury/Gallagher)
  3. Come In No. 9 (Album Outtake) (Dury/Galllagher)
  4. Chicken (Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup) (Gallagher)
  5. CC’s Rock (Charles/Gallagher/Payne/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  6. I Know Your Name (Payne)
  7. Public Party (Dance Of The Crackpots) (Turnbull)
  8. Black And White (Yes And No (Paula)) (Payne)
  9. Manic Depression (Gallagher)
  10. More Turns For Everyone (Charles/Gallagher/Payne/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  11. Blue Light (That’s Not All) (Payne)
  12. Back To Y-Front (Charles/Gallagher/Payne/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  13. Fatback (Charles/Gallagher/Payne/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  14. On The Spot (Do The Block) (Charles/Gallagher/Payne/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  15. Duff ‘Em Up And Do ‘Em Over (Boogie Woogie) (Oh Mr Peanut) (Gallagher)
  16. Peter Gunn (Mancini)

Tracks 4 to 16 are Demo Instrumentals by The Blockheads.