New Album – ‘Beyond the Call of Dury’

The new album is complete and will be out in mid-November!

It’s sounding great and will have the following tracklist:

  1.  268
  2.  Hillbilly Chopper
  3.  Hook, Line and Sinker
  4.  Hold Up
  5.  Fact or Fiction
  6.  Head Above Water
  7.  Don’t Put It Off ‘Til Tomorrow
  8.  Tear It Up
  9.  That’s Why I’m Blue
  10.  Will O’ The Wisp


5 thoughts on “New Album – ‘Beyond the Call of Dury’”

  1. Hi guys. You probably don’t remember me but I produced a BBC Radio doco on you guys a decade ago.
    I am now living in south Mexico where I have played your new album to loads of people near the beach. They all love it. It is now the most played LP here. Congrats.

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