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Banged to Rights

There’s silence in the court the Judge has just arrived
The geezer standing in the dock has panic in his eyes
There are twelve total strangers who’ve been chosen to preside
A double row of chairs where wigs and silks reside

What happens next will soon unfold A B H or stolen gold
A sordid tale starts to unravel to the echo of the judges gavel
The prosecution kicks it off a witness cross examined
What is truth and what is lies is up to them to fathom

The accused standing in the box his body shaking in his socks
His brief then drops his master stroke my clients not the guilty bloke
The defence lawyer stands his ground some new info has just been found
The prosecutor leaps to his feet the evidence is incomplete

Exhibit ones a wooden cosh
Twos a knuckle duster
Exhibit three is a rake of cash and a weighty diamond cluster
Exhibit fours a fingerprint
exhibit fives a knife
Exhibit six is D N A
looks like bang to rights