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Kid At Heart

A bowl of porridge and a slice of toast
A ride on a train, a day at the coast
A walk up the pier, a ride on a boat
A pink candy floss and an ice cream float

A couple of rashers and a slice of bread
A day at the farm in a tractor shed
The smell of pig, the cowpat crunch
A country pub, a ploughman’s lunch

There’s string in my pocket
There’s a hole in my shoe
There’s a broken penknife
There’s a worn out screw
I’ve got some elastic bands
I’ve got some chewing gum
I’ve got a roll of caps
I’ve got my cowboy gun

There’s frog spawn in the jam jar
There’s some tadpoles in a pot
There’s a penthouse in my duffel
There’s a hankie full of snot
I’ve got a box of matches
I’ve got a nut and bolt
I’ve got a bag of marbles
I’ve got my catapult

I can’t explain I ain’t that smart
Why do bake beans make you fart??????????????????????????????
Im grown up now but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still a kid at heart