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Staring Down The Barrel (2009)


  1. Roll Over (Hussey/Jankel)
  2. Greed (Hussey/Jankel)
  3. A Little Knowledge (Hussey/Jankel)
  4. George The Human Pigeon (Hussey/Jankel)
  5. No Go Central (Hussey/Jankel)
  6. Prophet Of Doom (Hussey/Jankel)
  7. Hold Tight (Hussey/Jankel)
  8. Life In Your Hands (Hussey/Jankel)
  9. Dirty Money (Hussey/Jankel)
  10. Elegant Style (Hussey/Jankel)
  11. Duncan Poundcake (Hussey/Jankel) – Exclusive to iTunes version of the album