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Where’s the Party? (2004)


  1. Funny Farm (Turnbull)
  2. My Own Rules (Jankel/Hussey)
  3. Mona (J Turnbull/S Turnbull)
  4. Feel The Funk (Turnbull/Jankel)
  5. Bad Blood (Jankel/Turnbull)
  6. Shut Up And Dance (Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  7. Sometimes (Turnbull)
  8. Where’s The Party? (Gallagher/Watt-Roy)
  9. Spread It (Hussey/Jankel)
  10. Work To The Bone (Gallagher/Turnbull)
  11. I Wish It Was The Days (Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Jankel/Dury)
  12. Moving On (Jankel/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  13. Just Another Story (Turnbull)