Shit Creek

Out on a limb the branch ain’t bending
It’s rise and fall sink or swim
Stick to the task stop pretending
Dig down deep the chances are slim

No questions asked no favours given
Your on your own its down to you
Get your head out your arse don’t trust no one
Lookout for yourself retain your cool

It’s a bitch out there ride out the system
Stick to your guns and wise up quick
Stand up and be counted dont suffer fools gladly
Rise to the task dont take no shit

The wolfs at the door society’s crumbling
Relentless confusion when will it stop
Sharpen your wits crank up the anti
Reach for the armour it’s coming on top

Keep movin fast
Never stand still
Ready your pencil
Sharpen your quill
Never give in
Don’t buckle under
Shout it about
Cast it asunder

Do what
Stone me
Well I never
To strong
Take it easy
Out of order
Hold on
Half a mo
It’s a wind up

Shit Creek