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Kid At Heart

A bowl of porridge and a slice of toast
A ride on a train, a day at the coast
A walk up the pier, a ride on a boat
A pink candy floss and an ice cream float

A couple of rashers and a slice of bread
A day at the farm in a tractor shed
The smell of pig, the cowpat crunch
A country pub, a ploughman’s lunch

There’s string in my pocket
There’s a hole in my shoe
There’s a broken penknife
There’s a worn out screw
I’ve got some elastic bands
I’ve got some chewing gum
I’ve got a roll of caps
I’ve got my cowboy gun

There’s frog spawn in the jam jar
There’s some tadpoles in a pot
There’s a penthouse in my duffel
There’s a hankie full of snot
I’ve got a box of matches
I’ve got a nut and bolt
I’ve got a bag of marbles
I’ve got my catapult

I can’t explain I ain’t that smart
Why do bake beans make you fart??????????????????????????????
Im grown up now but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still a kid at heart

All is well in Glynneath (ode to a no good boyo)

Empty mines
Water falls
Old canals
Chapel walls
Emerald fields
Dragons brew
Maxie Boyce
Gladys Pugh
Rally cars
Mountain bikes
Heavy rain
Healthy hikes
Forest glades
Lava bread
Wangbar touchgloves
Team blockhead
Different heights
Different weights
Different styles
Different tastes
Different haircuts
Different shrines
Leighton collinses
Under 9s
Oi Oi

blow the whistle
Bend the ball
Watch the striker
Move the wall
Tackle fairly
Play it hard
They’ll get no points
In our back yard

Shit Creek

Out on a limb the branch ain’t bending
It’s rise and fall sink or swim
Stick to the task stop pretending
Dig down deep the chances are slim

No questions asked no favours given
Your on your own its down to you
Get your head out your arse don’t trust no one
Lookout for yourself retain your cool

It’s a bitch out there ride out the system
Stick to your guns and wise up quick
Stand up and be counted dont suffer fools gladly
Rise to the task dont take no shit

The wolfs at the door society’s crumbling
Relentless confusion when will it stop
Sharpen your wits crank up the anti
Reach for the armour it’s coming on top

Keep movin fast
Never stand still
Ready your pencil
Sharpen your quill
Never give in
Don’t buckle under
Shout it about
Cast it asunder

Do what
Stone me
Well I never
To strong
Take it easy
Out of order
Hold on
Half a mo
It’s a wind up

Shit Creek

Swans Doing Their Jobs

Dawns rose tinted hand lights the east
The trout are rising
Sun sparkled droplets
Mint prisms shining like diamonds
Atomising worry calming tension
Running water dripping tranquility
Flattening stress easing panic
Optimism bounces into ascendancy
Suddenly the worlds a better place
A quiet moment by the canal
Ducks preening in the crisp morning air
Flapping splashing dipping quacking
Making rainbows dance in magic light
Swans doing their jobs

A Brand New Pound Bit With A Tracking Device

A brand new pound bit with a tracking device
Has now been spent and paid its price
But hold on a moment the tills been sprung
He’s been passed on quickly in exchange for a bun
Thrown into the dark with lots of other rifle
In and out of daylight traded in for trifles
If only he hadn’t been forged in a furnace
He might have been a nifty and splashed about in earnest
Struck by the mint not cut out for fame
Left in old trousers or dropped down a drain
A sole purpose in life is to wear out people’s pockets
Or left as a tip or stored in misers wallets
A humble scrap of metal with no intrinsic value
Dropped on floors rolling under tables
Picked up by a cleaner with an eagle eye for money
Converted once again for a pot of runny honey
Nocturnal transactions throughout the wee small hours
In exchange for commodities fags drugs or flowers
It starts to turn snide at eleven
o’clock sharp
When it’s spent in a pub for an Ice cold half
Given back as change or make weight for a round
It’s not all wine and roses in the life of a pound
But the worst thing of all or so it would seem is being stuck in the slot of a condom machine
Get poked by keys as they attempt to prise you out
Shove you with penknives further down the spout
So resign yourself to your hopeless position
Chewed up and bent and out of commission
You’ve passed through the hands of dealers thieves and liars
Now you would spend yourself for a man with some PLIERS

Banged to Rights

There’s silence in the court the Judge has just arrived
The geezer standing in the dock has panic in his eyes
There are twelve total strangers who’ve been chosen to preside
A double row of chairs where wigs and silks reside

What happens next will soon unfold A B H or stolen gold
A sordid tale starts to unravel to the echo of the judges gavel
The prosecution kicks it off a witness cross examined
What is truth and what is lies is up to them to fathom

The accused standing in the box his body shaking in his socks
His brief then drops his master stroke my clients not the guilty bloke
The defence lawyer stands his ground some new info has just been found
The prosecutor leaps to his feet the evidence is incomplete

Exhibit ones a wooden cosh
Twos a knuckle duster
Exhibit three is a rake of cash and a weighty diamond cluster
Exhibit fours a fingerprint
exhibit fives a knife
Exhibit six is D N A
looks like bang to rights


You drive me up the pictures
You send me round the bend
Keep me spinning sideways
It seems to never end
Kneed me in the cobblers
Sloshed me round the face
Hoofed me up the jacksee
Have I got a saving grace

Treat me like a dish cloth
Will I come back for more
Dip me in the bucket
Make me scrub the floor
Insist I scrub the karsee
Then do the washing up
Work me to a frazzal
Till you think I’ve had enough

You make me walk a tightrope
And keep me on the cusp
You like to run me ragged
Cos you like acting tough
You love to dish out orders
Assume to rule the roost
Watch me do your ironing
And squeeze you orange juice

Send me for your shopping
And buy your cigarettes
Don’t forget the omo
Then fold the serviettes
You use me like a doormat
Boot me with your clogs
Get me cleaning windows
And walk the fucking dog

I don’t get what your doin
I can’t hear what your saying
The chimney needs a sweeping
Lightbulbs need replacing
The carpet wants a beating
The roofs got a leak in
The grass expects a mowing
That sock has got a hole in

Hurry up hurry up
Get a move on
A woman’s tongue never rusts !!!