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Same Song, Different Mix (2014)


1. Look the Other Way (Nucleus Remix)
2. Boys Will Be Boys (We Do What We Want) [Crispin Payne Remix]
3. Undercover (Luc Valvona Remix)
4. Express Yourself (Chas Bronz Remix)
5. Are You One of Those People (Catty-Blent-Solo Remix)
6. Confused (Lisbon Kid Remix)
7. Frightened Man (DJ Reck Remix)
8. Sorry I Apologise (DB Cohen & Vibe Machine Remix)
9. What’s the Deal Mama (Jack Slack Remix)
10. Tommy Gunn (My Second Head Remix)

Staring Down The Barrel (2009)


  1. Roll Over (Hussey/Jankel)
  2. Greed (Hussey/Jankel)
  3. A Little Knowledge (Hussey/Jankel)
  4. George The Human Pigeon (Hussey/Jankel)
  5. No Go Central (Hussey/Jankel)
  6. Prophet Of Doom (Hussey/Jankel)
  7. Hold Tight (Hussey/Jankel)
  8. Life In Your Hands (Hussey/Jankel)
  9. Dirty Money (Hussey/Jankel)
  10. Elegant Style (Hussey/Jankel)
  11. Duncan Poundcake (Hussey/Jankel) – Exclusive to iTunes version of the album

30 – Live at The Electric Ballroom (2008)


Released: 2008 – Only available on iTunes

This show featured Davey Payne on Saxophone throughout and special guest Phill Jupitus on vocals

Part 1 (Greatest Hits)

  1. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Dury/Jankel)
  2. I Want To Be Straight (Dury/Gallagher)
  3. What A Waste (Dury/Gallagher/Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Charles/Melvin)
  4. No Go Central (Hussey/Jankel)
  5. More Than Fair (Dury/Hardy)
  6. Itinerant Child (Dury/Jankel)
  7. Inbetweenies – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Jankel)
  8. Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Jankel/Payne)

Part 2 (New Boots And Panties plus!)

  1. Wake Up And Make Love With Me – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Jankel)
  2. Sweet Gene Vincent – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Jankel)
  3. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra (Dury/Jankel)
  4. My Old Man – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Nugent)
  5. Billercay Dickie – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Nugent)
  6. Clevor Trever (Dury/Jankel)
  7. If I Was With A Woman (Dury/Jankel)
  8. Blockheads (Dury/Jankel)
  9. Plaistow Patricia (Dury/Nugent)
  10. Blackmail Man (Dury/Nugent) – feat Phill Jupitus
  11. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Jankel)
  12. Fuckin’ Ada – feat Phill Jupitus (Dury/Turnbull)

Where’s the Party? (2004)


  1. Funny Farm (Turnbull)
  2. My Own Rules (Jankel/Hussey)
  3. Mona (J Turnbull/S Turnbull)
  4. Feel The Funk (Turnbull/Jankel)
  5. Bad Blood (Jankel/Turnbull)
  6. Shut Up And Dance (Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  7. Sometimes (Turnbull)
  8. Where’s The Party? (Gallagher/Watt-Roy)
  9. Spread It (Hussey/Jankel)
  10. Work To The Bone (Gallagher/Turnbull)
  11. I Wish It Was The Days (Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Jankel/Dury)
  12. Moving On (Jankel/Turnbull/Watt-Roy)
  13. Just Another Story (Turnbull)

Straight From The Desk Vol.2 (2003)


Live At Patti Pavillion, Swansea March 23rd 2002

  1. Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 (Dury/Jankel/Payne)
  2. Feel The Funk (Jankel/Turnbull)
  3. I Believe (Dury/Gallagher)
  4. The Ballad Of The Sulphate Strangler (Dury/Jankel)
  5. One Love (Dury/Jankel)
  6. Clevor Trever (Dury/Jankel)
  7. Blockheads (Dury/Jankel)
  8. You’re More Than Fair (Dury/Hardy)
  9. What A Waste (Dury/Gallagher/Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Charles/Melvin)
  10. Books And Water (Dury/Jankel)
  11. Sweet Gene Vincent (Dury/Jankel)
  12. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Dury/Jankel)

Straight From The Desk (2001)


Released: 2001 (Internet only release)

Live At Ilford Odeon December 23rd 1978

  1. Wake up And Make Love With Me (Dury/Jankel)
  2. I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra (Dury/Jankel)
  3. Upminster Kid (Dury/Hardy)
  4. Clevor Trever (Dury/Jankel)
  5. This Is What We Find (Dury/Gallagher)
  6. You’re More Than Fair (Dury/Hardy)
  7. Blackmail Man (Dury/Nugent)
  8. Billericay Dickie (Dury/Nugent)
  9. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Dury/Jankel)
  10. There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards (Dury/Hardy)
  11. Plaistow Patricia (Dury/Nugent)
  12. I Made Mary Cry (Dury/Hardy)
  13. What A Waste (Dury/Gallagher/Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Charles/Melvin)
  14. My Old Man (Dury/Nugent)
  15. Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll (Dury/Jankel)

Mr Lovepants (1997)


  1. Jack Shit George (Dury/Rhys-Jones)
  2. The Passing Show (Dury/Jankel)
  3. You’re My Baby (Dury/Jankel)
  4. Honeysuckle Highway (Dury/Jankel)
  5. Itinerant Child (Dury/Jankel)
  6. Geraldine (Dury/Gallagher)
  7. Cacka Boom (Dury/Rhys-Jones)
  8. Bed ‘O’ Roses No. 9 (Dury/Jankel)
  9. Heavy Living (Dury/Jankel)
  10. Mash It Up Harry (Dury/Jankel)

Live! Warts ‘n’ Audience….Plus! (1991)


Released: 2000 (Originally released as Warts ‘n’ Audience in 1991)

Recorded Brixton Academy, December 22nd 1990

  1. Intro
  2. Wake up and Make Love With Me (Dury/Jankel)
  3. Clevor Trever (Dury/Jankel)
  4. Inbetweenies (Dury/Jankel)
  5. If I Was With a Woman (Dury/Jankel)
  6. Billericay Dickie (Dury/Nugent)
  7. Quiet (Dury/Gallagher/Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Charles)
  8. My Old Man (Dury/Nugent)
  9. Spasticus Autisticus (Dury/Jankel)
  10. Plaistow Patricia (Dury/Nugent)
  11. There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards (Dury/Hardy)
  12. Sweet Gene Vincent (Dury/Jankel)
  13. What a Waste! (Dury/Gallagher/Turnbull/Watt-Roy/Charles/Melvin)
  14. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Dury/Jankel)
  15. Blockheads (Dury/Jankel)
  16. Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 (Dury/Jankel/Payne)